Larry Smith, owner and President of New Dimensions Construction, founded the company in 1995 after twenty years of experience as a carpenter and project manager. In partnership with our clients and some of the best residential architects in the area, we build fine custom homes and additions and renovate existing spaces. Our past projects include:

  • New custom homes from 1,500 sq. ft. to 6,000 sq. ft.
  • Additions of all kinds – kitchens, master suites, second stories, family rooms, decks and porches
  • Renovations of many sizes – from kitchens and bathrooms to whole houses

At New Dimensions we adhere to a few basic principles:

  • Provide the highest quality work at a fair price
  • Work as a team
  • Communicate clearly and frequently

Commitment to these principles ensures that we do the best possible job for each and every client.

High quality work

Producing a high quality product begins with seeing the big picture as well as attending to important details. We work with the architect and client as early as possible in the design process, contributing our expertise on the nuances of building details as well as cost information. Once the building begins, dedication to the execution of the plan and realization of the client’s wishes guide our work.

An excellent project begins with an excellent design. New Dimensions works with great local architects and designers, including Sophie Piesse Architect PA, Grant Bizios Architecture, Steven Joseph Residential Design, Jock Wick, Ken Peterman Architect, and Keith Shaw Design Associates. Years of experience with skilled architects have honed our understanding of the best ways to blend the design and construction processes in service of our clients’ goals.

New Dimensions is Green Certified by the Home Builders’ Association. We have experience building energy-efficient and “green” structures, and we adhere to “green” principles to whatever extent the client’s plans and budget allow. We also are committed to recycling and reusing as much construction material as possible.


Quality of product depends of the quality of the team. Our subcontractors are some of the best tradespeople in the area, and when we find the best, we keep them around! Some have been with us since the very beginning and even from before the beginning of New Dimensions. We prefer to work with small, locally owned companies where we have previous experience with the owners and know them to be reliable and honest. Because many of our subcontractors have worked on our projects together for years, they know and understand how one another work, increasing our effectiveness as a team.


As general contractor, we are the hub of on-going communication among architect, client, crew, and subcontractors. Regular communication is key to realizing the design, maintaining quality, and staying on schedule. Once construction begins, Ryan Smith, our lead job manager, visits every job frequently (often every day) and meets with homeowners on at least a weekly basis. Larry remains closely involved with every job, as well, and he always is available to clients via phone and email.

At the beginning of each project, we produce a schedule showing all the key dates and milestones for the construction process. The schedule also includes deadlines for client decisions about any finish details and materials not selected during the design process. This document then becomes a focus for weekly meetings between Larry and the client. Larry also maintains regular communication with the architect to settle any necessary details, and the architect may participate in weekly meetings, if needed.

By focusing on quality and craftsmanship, assembling an excellent team, and maintaining clear and regular communication among all team members, New Dimensions brings each job to a successful conclusion.